Smart Real-Time SEO Plugin That Works

Optimize every page of your website like a PRO. Just install and activate our smart SEO plugin in two easy steps. No need to be SEO expert. Get your website on the TOP of Google now!

  1. Install Our Extension

    Download and install our RealTime SEO Plugin.

  2. Run the Configuration Wizard

    Our step by step configuration wizard helps you to configure your site to have the optimal SEO settings. It will walk you through the common setup settings and automatically setup some of the basic features.

  3. Get YOUR Website To The Top of Google

    No need to be a SEO expert, just follow our step by step guide and get your website on the top of Google search engine results.

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No Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content can hurt your SEO, our SEO plugin acn help by finding and fixing duplicate content issues.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Links Negatively Affect SEO. Our plugin automatically scan website pages and detects broken links.

Anti-Spam and Security

Getting infected by malware is the fastest way to get your site banned in Google and other search engines.

SSL Certificate Manager

Our Plugin automatically detects WordPress settings and configures your website to run over https.

301 & 404 Redirect Manager

To avoid sending visitors to non existing pages, you can redirect them to a new page with relevant information.

SEO CheckList

Always-Up-to-Date complete step-by-step SEO checklist to help you rank your website in Google Search Engine Results.

Advanced Dashboard & Analytics

Scan and optimize your website in seconds for common SEO and technical issues such as meta description, duplicate content, short titles, and much more.

SEO Audit & Analytics

Immediately after installation, our plugin automatically scans every page of your website for the presence of SEO mistakes. At the heart of the scanning algorithm are the newest recommendations from Google for page and text optimization. When it detects a mistake, you will get a notification on the Dashboard and a link to the page for correction.

The scanning algorithms are updated as the Google ranking algorithms change; therefore, you can be sure that your website completely matches the latest Google recommendations and that it is ready for promotion through search engines.

Scan your website in seconds for common fixes and results.

site audit

Advanced WordPress SEO Settings

Improve your WordPress SEO easily! Optimize your WordPress SEO and get ahead of your competitors! Our configuration wizard will walk you through optimization process and help you get higher ranks in search results.

plugin settings
  1. Advanced WP SEO Configuration

    There are a lot of things you can do to improve WordPress SEO such as adding meta description, titles, XML sitemaps, avoiding duplicate content, etc.

  2. Autogenerate Titles and Description

    Our plugin will help you set SEO meta title and description for each page and category on your website.

  3. WordPress Image Optimizer

    Image optimization is one important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Built in WordPress Image Compression Plugin optimize your images to improve search engine rankings.

Canonical URLs

Allows to specify the canonical, that is the main version of the document(page) to the search engine bot.

Noindex Tag Manager

Use tag Noindex for blog categories, archives, tags archives, site search results and separate posts or pages.

Attachment Redirect

This function allows you to disable image attachment pages and redirect visitors to the parent post page instead.

Webmaster Tools Integration

Add and verify Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Statcounter, Bing and Yahoo webmaster code in one easy step.

Page URL Shortener

Optimization of the page URL, in terms of SEO, implies the use of maximum 3-5 words in the address.

Advanced XML Sitemaps

Generate XML sitemaps in one click. Add your sitemap to Google Search Console and get your pages indexed in a minute.

WordPress Image Optimization

Improve your Google rankings in one click! Optimize your WordPress images and get ahead of your competitors!

Image Optimization

Practically every site has pictures, photographs, and other types of images, even image galleries. Just like texts, images also require optimization and organization in addition to other page elements. As a result, image placement and optimization not only increases page relevance and search ranking, but it also drives traffic to your site due to the presence of your pictures on Google Images.

Our plugin not only lowers the size of images, but it also optimizes the picture to match the latest Google recommendations. With just two clicks, you can enhance user experience and boost your site’s SEO position by improving the site’s loading speeds.

image optimization