SEO & Content Protection

SEO Content Protection is a web-based hosting service for website content version control and on-site SEO optimization protection & backup.

Control all changes on your site that may affect your SEO position. Our service allows you to see all the changes that have been made to your website, and when necessary, restore a previous version of the page or site. This is not website backup; this is a service that uses a log file to record all site changes that affect Onsite Optimization or that cause a drop in search result position, letting you restore previous versions and reestablish your position in the Google search results.

More than 80% of websites lose their position due to changes in content or improper Onsite Optimization. Manage all the revisions that your staff or SEO specialists implement.

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Staff Supervision

Supervise all changes that were implemented on your website by your staff or SEO specialists.

Meta Tag Management

You can see all changes to meta tags that are critical for website Onpage SEO Optimization.

Content Version Control

Control all webpage changes with the option to restore a previous version from any period.

Accept/Reject Changes

Monitor all SEO changes on your site, and when necessary, accept or reject new settings.

Github For SEO Professionals

It’s similar to GitHub or Bitbucket but designed for website SEO Optimization instead of coding.

Full Revision History

If your position in Google falls after certain changes to your website, you can restore the page/site to a previous version.

Never Loose Your Rankings Again

Any change to your website can result in a drop in Google search ranking. With the help of our service, you can quickly restore your previous position and return to the top of the search results.

content version control

Our service was developed specifically for safe and effective SEO promotion of your website in search engines. Its primary objective is to avoid errors in site optimization and, in one click, restore SEO settings that have been changed by you or your staff.

You will always be able to, among other things, see what changes affect your growth or drop in Google search position. You won’t have to keep a journal of changes or try to remember what exactly caused one response or another from search engines. This way, you will learn how to influence search engines and perfect your Onsite Optimization skills, effectively pushing you to be always one step ahead of your competition.

Advanced WordPress SEO Settings

Improve your WordPress SEO easily! Optimize your WordPress SEO and get ahead of your competitors! Our configuration wizard will walk you through optimization process and help you get higher ranks in search results.

  1. Advanced WP SEO Configuration

    There are a lot of things you can do to improve WordPress SEO such as adding meta description, titles, XML sitemaps, avoiding duplicate content, etc.

  2. Autogenerate Titles and Description

    Our plugin will help you set SEO meta title and description for each page and category on your website.

  3. WordPress Image Optimizer

    Image optimization is one important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Built in WordPress Image Compression Plugin optimize your images to improve search engine rankings.

wp seo plugin

Canonical URLs

Allows to specify the canonical, that is the main version of the document(page) to the search engine bot.

Attachment Redirect

This function allows you to disable image attachment pages and redirect visitors to the parent post page instead.