How to Create the Right Meta Description

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Description is a part of the of the web page’s HTML code header and it displays the text that you have written in order to briefly disclose the main content of the page to both users and search engines. For example on a blog, most promoted objects are articles, that contain some certain keywords (frequent phrases).

The final goal of using the meta tag description is to hit the best place in Search engines (SERP) as a snippet of the page, and there it is located under the heading of the adequate document (web page). Its main purpose there is to engage the user who is looking for the information he needs on a specific request on the results page of his search.

right meta description

However, the text in the snippet can be replaced by the part of the page’s content, if Google decides that this is more preferable. In this case, whether the description in the snippet is descended from the description tag or from the text, then still the meta tag description composition affects the ranking of the page in the search results.

SEO Description Requirements

  1. It must disclose the essence of the page, written in the form of an agreed text. There may be several sentences.
  2. It has to be unique for each of the site’s pages, it cannot duplicate similar tags from other sites (for this we use the company name in the text of the meta tag).
  3. In the tag, you need to use the queries that refer to the page’s topic, but you need to do this in a way that they are used naturally, in the desired grammar form. Also, you should not just list the requests separated by commas.
  4. The content of the tag should not repeat its Title.
  5. The description length must be no less than 70 and no more than 150-200 characters. Google defines the length in pixels, the recommended length is between 400 – 930 pixels.
  6. It is desirable, that the description reflects the main company’s advantages, its products or services.
  7. It is better to place the most important information and phrases at the beginning of the meta description.

Example of the Correctly Written Description

Bedroom furniture: a huge selection of models at producer prices. Order furniture in the online store SuperFurniture with delivery to the US and Wisconsin.
The meta tag description is used to formulate a meta description of the webpage in the snippets of Yahoo and Google searches. Let’s see how to write a meta description.

Examples of Mistakes and Wrong Use of Meta Tags

US bricks producing factory (SuperFactory) – (short description, few keywords)
Mattresses in the USA. ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESSES. A mattress is the only thing in a bedroom furniture that is directly related to health. A poor-quality or simply old, raddled mattress can lead to very serious problems… (generated automatically, the content of the page is simply cut out, most likely you did not specify a description tag and Google generated a snippet from the content part)
Beauty salon SuperSalon, the best Beauty Salon in the USA, beauty salon, hairdresser, Madison hairdresser, midsection haircut, Madison lose weight, haircut is not expensive, how to lose weight, lose weight Madison… (list of keywords separated by commas, unnatural meta description)