Noindex. How, Why And For What is Used in SEO

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Noindex is a tag that you can use to control the crawler’s indexing function. If you select a separate text fragment and close it with the noindex tag, it will not be indexed by the search engine and, accordingly, will not get into its cache.

The main function of the noindex tag is to block the indexing of individual pages of the site intended for publication of user content. These include pages with reviews, comments, messages, etc. In this case, noindex prevents spreading of unwanted information and uses a less hard mode of moderating user messages.

Advantages of The Noindex Tag

  • Hiding of secondary information allows increasing the relevance of the indexed page due to the increase in the relative density of key phrases.
  • With noindex, you can hide the contents of end-to-end blocks, information in which will be duplicated on several pages, affecting the pessimization of the site in Google’s search results.
  • In some cases, Google may receive unsolicited or proprietary information, which can be the easiest hidden by using the noindex tag.