How to Fill in The Keywords Meta Tag Correctly

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The keywords that occur on the page are traditionally written in the keywords meta tag. More recently, search engines were paying more attention to the content of the keywords meta tag, but thanks to the over-spamming SEO specialists, search engines stopped taking this meta tag into account when ranking sites. Now it is used only to determine the topic of the page.

Search engines always aim to develop for the benefit of users, and you never know what other trick they will pull with the following update. Therefore, we recommend you to fill this tag carefully.

  1. The keywords meta-tag must contain keyword queries
    You can list all search queries in the tag, but you can’t repeat the same queries several times
  2. The keywords meta tag may contain thematic words and synonyms
    If you sell goods that have several synonyms, they should be listed in keywords.
  3. Nouns are the best to form the keywords meta tag
    For this meta-tag, it is better to use singular nouns. Occasionally – verbs (buy, order, pay), even more rarely – adjectives (fresh fish, rubber mat).
  4. The keywords meta tag should not contain any punctuation characters, except for a comma
    You can separate keywords with comma or space, but you can’t put dots or any other punctuation marks in the end.

Many webmasters ignore the filling of meta keywords, but we can state one thing with certainty: if meta tags do not meet the requirements of search engines, the site with such tags will be shown only after sites with perfectly made tags. Therefore, the making and filling of tags should be given enough attention to avoid duplicates, overspamming, and consequently the loss of position in the search results.