How to Write the URL Address of The Page Correctly

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  1. A correctly composed URL must contain keywords. The matches on the query entered in the search box are bold not only in the title and the description of the site, but also in the address. Therefore, if you write the URL correctly, Internet users will also pay attention to it in the search results and will take into account while forming their opinion about the relevance of the page and decided whether or not to visit it.
  2. Optimization of the page URL, in terms of SEO, implies the use of maximum 3-5 words in the address. Long links do not appear fully in the search results (cropped) and lower the weight of keywords for search engines.
  3. Don’t use deep nesting level. Even if the page is five to six steps from the main page, you assign the URL correctly – remove unnecessary references to other categories from the addresses. The increased number of nesting levels of the URL not only increases its length and reduces the weight of keywords, but also is bad for the perception of the address by visitors. It becomes hard to understand and almost impossible to remember.
  4. There are recommendations about the most appropriate writing of URLs with the file extension at the end (“.html”, “.php”, etc.). Although this statement is rather controversial, because it is probably not important for the search engines. Unless it makes clear to a visitor that the page they are on is the final destination and it is impossible to go deeper.
  5. In order to write the page URL consisting of more than one word, it is better to use hyphens as delimiters
  6. Correctly composed URL should contain only characters in lowercase. If this recommendation is not followed, there may be problems with page indexing.
  7. It is not hard to write URL correctly, but you need to remember that the keywords in it are taken into account when evaluating the frequency of use. That is, if the page (the text and titles) contains a search query 8 times and this is the maximum allowable amount in a particular case, the 9th time usage in the address is considered over-spamming. Therefore, you should use the keywords in the text 1 time less.

Why is the long URL bad for the website promotion?

  1. Long URL are inconvenient and not always understandable for visitors. Besides, they often don’t fit in the visible part of the address bar of the browser, which negatively affects the user factor.
  2. Long addresses are often associated with nonsense and spam, so in the situation of choice, users prefer rather a shorter and more accurate address. As a result of numerous studies, marketers and SEO experts came to the conclusion that people click short and understandable URLs twice more often when using search engines.
  3. And, of course, a short URL is easier to copy, to remember and to spell, which greatly increases the probability of typing directly from the keyboard. The URL consisting of 2 or 3 meaningful words is the best for memorization.


Don’t expect that the URL optimization according to the recommendations listed above will immediately get your website pages to the top. Remember that this is just one of the factors affecting search engine optimization. So make sure that every page of your site has a right URL, and keep working in other numerous SEO areas!